School Finance Fact Check

Let’s set the record straight about some recent claims regarding state investments in Texas public schools.

ESAs would force taxpayers to subsidize private schools

Education savings accounts will force taxpayers to subsidize private schools that are not required to follow student safety guidelines, do not adhere to federal protections for students in special education, and are not transparent with their use of public dollars.

Vouchers are not the answer for Texas students

A new report from the House Select Committee on Educational Opportunity and Enrichment provides recommendations on a number of issues related to education policy in Texas. The report includes discussion of a voucher program that would allow families to use taxpayer dollars to attend private or home schools.

Tax bills reduce Robin Hood but classrooms are left in need of support

The property-tax legislation signed into law will help achieve a very important objective: It will reduce the amount of recapture paid by Texas taxpayers by 41 percent. There needs to be a balance between tax relief and more dollars for the classroom. Unfortunately, legislators have only completed half the job.

HB 100 – School Finance Testimony

The Coalition provided testimony to the House Public Education Committee for House Bill 100, which increases the Basic Allotment, requires a teacher pay increase, and makes other changes to the school finance formulas.

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