Mission and Goals


The Texas School Coalition advocates for the resources necessary to provide all Texas public school students an excellent education and for a school finance system that balances sustainable state and local investments in the best interests of students and taxpayers.

Advocacy Statement

We are committed public school advocates who work closely with elected officials and other stakeholders to champion the children of Texas and promote sustainable, meaningful investments in all Texas students.

Long-Term Goals

  • Safeguard the right of local boards to have meaningful discretion in their stewardship of local funds, both M&O and I&S, that meet the diverse student needs in each district and protect the interests of taxpayers.
  • Maintain, grow, and leverage relationships with like-minded public school advocates and local and state elected officials.
  • Educate community members and taxpayers at large regarding school finance and the needs of students and schools.
  • Achieve a funding system for public schools that provides adequacy, capacity, and sustainability.
  • Advocate for investments in Texas public school students that will increase the state’s national standing in per-student expenditures and academic performance.
  • Strengthen our voice in the formulation of future policy decisions.