Texas Removes Record Robin Hood Revenue from School Districts

The state took $3.2 billion in local taxpayer funding out of school districts during the past year through Robin Hood recapture. This record-high amount of recapture came as school districts struggled to fully staff campuses and battled cost increases driven by high inflation.

Recapture Takes Nearly $3 Billion From Local Schools

Texas school districts must send nearly $3 billion in local taxpayer funding to the state by Sunday under the state’s school finance law — a record amount that puts a crushing burden on taxpayers throughout the state while taking needed dollars away from their local schools.

The Growth of Recapture in Texas

State law requires certain school districts (known as Chapter 41 districts) to send local property tax dollars to the state through a process called recapture. Because the state has been paying less and less of the cost of education, it increasingly relies on recapture dollars to pay for public education across Texas. Property owners in […]

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