This is an absolutely critical time to weigh in with legislators. House Bill 100, the school finance bill that the Texas Senate has turned into a voucher-and-school-finance bill, is headed to a conference committee. Our concern is that the bill will come back from conference with vouchers attached, forcing members of the Texas House to take a vote on this issue. 

Legislators need to understand that the funding for schools in House Bill 100 is not nearly enough to make a sweeping voucher program — one that could provide vouchers for millions of students in just a few years — acceptable. They need to hear it from educators, parents, business leaders, and as many Texans as possible. 
In these critical hours, we are asking you to engage in a number of ways — and to ask others to do the same.

Send messages to legislators

First, our friends at Raise Your Hand Texas have created a quick and easy link where you can plug in your address and it will send a short and direct email to your local legislators. You can customize the email text if you would like. Please click here to send these emails — you can be done in less than a minute. We also encourage you to share the link on your social media accounts. 

Action Steps for Educators and Allies

Next, we want to contact the members of the Texas House, and focus specifically on providing support for the Republican legislators who stood against vouchers earlier this year during the House budget. They are under significant pressure to support a far-reaching voucher program and we need to encourage them to stand strong. 

1.Phone Call to State Representatives

Call your representative’s office at the Texas Capitol today and tell them, “Thank you for supporting public education. Please do not support any ESA voucher program for private schools. Taxpayer dollars should stay only with public schools that educate all students.” 

You can find contact information for your local legislators here

If you have already contacted your local legislators, please also consider contacting the pivotal Republican State Representatives below. These are legislators who have stood strong with public schools and we need to thank them and encourage them to continue standing by our students and teachers against vouchers.

2. Social Media Posts

Please also tag legislators on Twitter with a similar message. You tag someone on Twitter by entering their Twitter handle so they see the message. Sample message to post with the graphic below: Please continue to support public education, @KingForTexas. Do not support any ESA voucher program for private schools. Taxpayer dollars should be in public schools educating all students. #txlege

Contact Information for Anti-Voucher Republicans in the House. Tell Them to Stay Strong!

Rep. Steve Allison, San Antonio., (512) 463-0686. @stevefortx

Rep. Trent Ashby, Lufkin., (5120 563-0508. @TrentAshbyTX

Rep. Ernest Bailes, Shepherd., (512) 463-0570. @Bailesfortx

Rep. Keith Bell, Forney., (512) 463-0458. 

Rep. DeWayne Burns, Cleburne., (512) 463-0538. @BurnsforTexas

Rep. Travis Clardy, Nacogdoches., (512) 463-0592. @travisfortexas

Rep. Drew Darby, San Angelo., (512) 463-0331. @DrewDarbyTX

Rep. Jay Dean, Longview., (512) 463-0750. 

Rep. Charlie Geren, Fort Worth., (512) 463-0610. @charliegeren

Rep. Justin Holland, Rockwall., (512) 463-0484. @justinaholland

Rep. Kyle Kacal, College Station., (512) 463-0412. @KyleKacal

Rep. Ken King, Canadian., (512) 463-0736. @KingforTexas

Rep. John Kuempel, Seguin., (512) 463-0602. @repjohnkuempel

Rep. Stan Lambert, Abilene., (512) 463-0718. @RepStanLambert

Rep. Brooks Landgraf, Odessa., (512) 463-0546. @BrooksLandgraf

Rep. Andrew Murr, Junction., (512) 463-0536. 

Rep. Angelia Orr, Itasca., (512) 463-0600. @AngeliaOrrForTX 

Rep. Four Price, Amarillo., (512) 463-0470. @FourPriceTX

Rep. John Raney, College Station., (512) 463-0698. @RaneyforTexas

Rep. Glenn Rogers, Graford., (512) 463-0656. @RogersForTexas

Rep. Hugh Shine, Temple., (512)463-0630. @ShineforTexas

Rep. Reggie Smith, Sherman., (512) 463-0297. @Reggie4TX

Rep. David Spiller, Jacksboro., (512) 463-0526. @DavidSpillerTX

Rep. Gary VanDeaver, New Boston., (512) 463-0692. @GaryVanDeaver

Or you can look up the Twitter handle for any member of the Texas Legislature here.

Social Media Resources

Social media graphics to share (click image to download):

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