As Commission Wraps Up, It’s Time for Legislators to Invest in Students

AUSTIN, Texas– The Texas Commission on Public School Finance concluded its work today and adopted its final report and recommendations to the 86th Texas Legislature.  In response to that, the Texas School Coalition released the following statement: “The Texas School Coalition appreciates the many hours that members of the School Finance Commission have put into […]

The Growth of Recapture in Texas

State law requires certain school districts (known as Chapter 41 districts) to send local property tax dollars to the state through a process called recapture. Because the state has been paying less and less of the cost of education, it increasingly relies on recapture dollars to pay for public education across Texas. Property owners in […]


There are a lot of taxpayers throughout our state who are asked to pay more in school property taxes each year.  It makes sense that many of those taxpayers think that as they send their local school district more money, that their local schools in turn have more money to spend on students.  However, when […]

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