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    This cartoon in the @dallasnews captures the way many teachers are feeling: Texas public schools lack the resources they need, making the challenges of teaching even more pronounced. Texas should invest in students and teachers to help all succeed. #txlege

    From @ChronOpinion: "Almost every district is struggling, from big urban centers where rising living costs require higher wages; to small, rural communities that have slashed everything but the essentials to stave off total collapse." #txed #txlege

    The Legislature failed to use the surplus to make significant investments in schools. Now we’re gearing up for a debate over vouchers that would make it more difficult to educate kids. Texans want legislators to put dollars in public schools. #txlege #txed

    "Let’s face it: 'School choice' is the lipstick put on the voucher program red herring. Please, stop using the phrase “school choice” in the debate and call school voucher programs what they are: voucher programs." From @DMNOpinion #txlege #txed 

    The tax-cut bills signed into law by Gov. Abbott reduce recapture significantly, but they do not put new dollars into Texas classrooms. #txlege #txed

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