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    The school finance bill, HB1525, has been approved by both chambers and sent to the Governor.  You can read our summary of the legislation here. #txlege (1/4)

    Today the Senate approved an important school finance bill. We look forward to continuing to work with @SenLarryTaylor and @DanHuberty on this legislation. #txlege

    We urge the Senate to pass HB 4242, a vital tool for economic growth that helps provide critical support for public schools and communities across Texas. #txlege

    House Bill 1525 is a broken promise to Texas students and teachers. Legislators said that school districts would not lose funding under school finance reforms passed in 2019. The Senate version of HB 1525 takes that protection away. #txlege #TxEd

    The Senate's version of the HB 1525 school finance cleanup bill is deeply flawed. It could lead to funding cuts for public schools and would force districts to withhold resources that teachers need now to help kids. #txlege #txed

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