The Texas School Coalition brings together public school districts interested in improving the state school finance laws for all districts – focusing specifically on all Chapter 41 districts. We provide research, information and consultation regarding school finance developments and legislation.

The Texas Education Code designates a school district as Chapter 41, also known as a revenue-contributing district, when the district’s equalized wealth exceeds $319,500 per weighted student. This makes the district subject to the “Robin Hood” provisions in state law.

The Texas School Coalition represents school districts that return tax dollars raised from their local homeowners and businesses to the state. Since 1993, these Chapter 41 districts have given more than $17 billion to the state budget and they are now contributing more than $1 billion annually.

Revenue-contributing school districts reflect the diversity that is Texas. We are large, small, and mid-size. We are urban, rural, and suburban. We are growing, shrinking, and stable in our enrollment.

Our students and parents reflect the ethnic and economic diversity of all families in Texas. They have the same talents and dreams of all Texans. We are committed to the success of public education for all students in Texas. In doing so, we strive to find common ground with other education advocacy groups.


If you have any questions about our organization, please contact us: 

Texas School Coalition
601 Camp Craft Road
Austin, Texas 78746
512-732-9072  – phone
512-732-9073  – fax

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