The Legislative Budget Board released per-district runs according to Model 115 on May 24.  This model incorporates $3.2 billion in spending for the FSP from SB 1 and $201 million in spending for the FSP from HB 1025.

When reviewing these printouts, please keep in mind that they are run according to current law WADA.  As you know, current law WADA amounts are artificially deflated because of the Regular Program Adjustment Factor (RPAF) being set at 0.98.  RPAF has been restored to 1 in Model 115, so WADA counts will be restored, but this run is based on current law WADA, which makes the per WADA amounts higher.  The bottom line numbers remain the same, but I wanted to point out that difference in regards to per WADA amounts because the previous runs that have been produced by Moak, Casey & Associates have been calculated on a per WADA amount anticipating the RPAF being set at 1.

Also, the runs for FY 15 include the one-time amount provided to districts to cover the cost of the increased TRS contributions.  That transitional aid makes every district’s amount higher, but that money will not be spent in the district, but rather sent straight to TRS.

The specifics of Model 115, can be accessed from the Summary link below.


FY 14 LBB per-district runs

FY 15 LBB per-district runs


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