Judge Issues Findings in Texas School Finance Lawsuit

State District Judge John Dietz today issued a final judgment holding the state’s school finance system unconstitutional on several grounds, and an exhaustive set of findings of fact and conclusions of law articulating the rationale for his ruling.   All the school district plaintiff groups succeeded on their claims. Judge Dietz held that the Calhoun […]

May 10 Election Results

For the most part, the May 10 election results showed overwhelming statewide support from voting taxpayers for public schools. The fact that 56 of the 76 districts that proposed bonds had at least one of their propositions approved is a demonstration of statewide support for students and schools. The full list of districts with propositions […]

October 25 Membership Update

November 5 election Many of you are well aware of the upcoming November 5 election as your district has a measure on the ballot.  To our knowledge, there are 49 districts that are proposing bond referendums for an amount which totals $3.5 billion statewide.  Of the districts proposing bonds, 43% qualify as Chapter 41 districts. […]

LBB District Runs

The Legislative Budget Board released per-district runs according to Model 115 on May 24.  This model incorporates $3.2 billion in spending for the FSP from SB 1 and $201 million in spending for the FSP from HB 1025. When reviewing these printouts, please keep in mind that they are run according to current law WADA.  […]

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