A Decade in Texas School Finance

Over the course of the last 10 years, the Texas Legislature has at times made investments in public education and, during struggling economic times, reduced education funding. The decade began with a recession that prompted legislators to make punishing cuts in public education funding. It took many years for schools to recover from those cuts. […]

As Commission Wraps Up, It’s Time for Legislators to Invest in Students

AUSTIN, Texas– The Texas Commission on Public School Finance concluded its work today and adopted its final report and recommendations to the 86th Texas Legislature.  In response to that, the Texas School Coalition released the following statement: “The Texas School Coalition appreciates the many hours that members of the School Finance Commission have put into […]


There are a lot of taxpayers throughout our state who are asked to pay more in school property taxes each year.  It makes sense that many of those taxpayers think that as they send their local school district more money, that their local schools in turn have more money to spend on students.  However, when […]

Without a fix, state’s school funding system delivers more pain locally

The Austin American-Statesman Editorial Board wrote yesterday about the burden of recapture on Central Texas school districts, and the consequences faced by students and taxpayers alike. The Statesman takes a realistic approach to the issue and offers some “band-aid” solutions that would at least stop the bleeding if the Legislature lacks the will to perform […]

The Promise of ASATR

Approximately 190 districts are expected to receive $230 million in Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (ASATR) funding in 2016-17.  After this school year, ASATR funding is set to expire.  That means some districts could potentially face a huge reduction in the funding needed to serve students. Click on the link below for more information […]

Texas Supreme Court says current school finance system meets constitutional standards

CCISD Plaintiffs Press Release in Response to Texas Supreme Court Ruling A dark day for Texas school children— TEXAS SUPREME COURT SAYS CURRENT SCHOOL FINANCE SYSTEM MEETS CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARDS AUSTIN – The Texas Supreme Court today upheld the constitutionality of the state’s school finance system, overruling a challenge brought by over 600 Texas school districts, […]

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