The State’s Case

The State of Texas began the presentation of its defense on Thursday, December 6, and continued through December 13, when the Court recessed for a three week holiday and did not resume until January 7.  On January 14, the State concluded their presentation, but did not rest their case, as they have one additional expert […]

Dewhurst: Put Some Money Aside for School Lawsuits

by Ross Ramsey and Aman Batheja January 10, 2013 The Texas Legislature should prepare for a probable negative judgment in its ongoing school finance lawsuits by socking away money in the next budget to comply with a future court order, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said Wednesday. “I think you have to hold some of it back […]

Biennial Revenue Estimate

The school finance trial resumed today with testimony from the Texas Comptroller’s office, while the Comptroller herself was conducting a press conference to announce the state’s Biennial Revenue Estimate that provides the Legislature with guidance for what they have to spend in the next biennium. Texas Comptroller Susan Combs announced that the Texas Legislature will […]

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