Austin superintendent testifies in ongoing school finance trial

Austin school district Superintendent Meria Carstarphen on Monday swatted down arguments from a state lawyer that the district had ample financial wiggle room to deal with its share of the $5.4 billion budget cuts enacted by the Legislature last year.

During testimony in the ongoing school finance trial, Carstarphen said the district has been doing its best given the changing student demographics, including more students with limited English skills, at a time of increasing state academic standards.

School Finance Trial Continues

Today marks Day 11 of the school finance trial.  Last week, school finance expert Lynn Moak’s testimony spanned a wide array of topics, which defined the GDK, explored changes since the West Orange-Cove ruling, examined state assessment and accountability (including the new standards and results), explained the school finance formulas, estimated the cost of an […]

State Election Results

Now that the dust has settled from last night’s election, we know what the make-up of the Texas Legislature will be in 2013.  While there are many new names to learn in the large freshman class, the balance of power is essentially the same.  Republicans still hold a commanding majority of the seats, though last […]

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