State’s Motion to Recuse Judge in School Finance Trial Denied

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AUSTIN, Texas – Today, District Judge David Peeples of the Fourth Administrative Judicial Region in Bexar County, denied a motion filed by the State of Texas seeking the recusal of State District Judge John Dietz in the pending school finance case.  Judge Peeples rejected the State’s claim that certain communications between Judge Dietz and plaintiffs’ counsel were improper and showed a lack of impartiality. The school finance case began...

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Texas School Finance System Remains Unconstitutional

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For a PDF of the Release, click here. AUSTIN, Texas –State District Judge John Dietz heard closing arguments today at the conclusion of a three-week evidentiary hearing, which focused on whether the actions of the 83rd Legislature impacted his prior ruling that the school finance system was unconstitutional.   Just over a year ago, Judge Dietz ruled in favor of both of the claims brought by the Calhoun County ISD plaintiffs, a group of 88...

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$16 billion in Robin Hood contributions matches that of Texas Lottery

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AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas School Coalition announced today that from 1994 through 2013, Chapter 41 school districts have contributed almost $16 billion in Robin Hood recapture.  This amount mirrors the $16 billion contribution to the Foundation School Fund announced by the Texas Lottery earlier this week. “Many people still believe that the Texas Lottery is the largest source of funding for education in the State of Texas,” said Christy...

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Texas School Finance System Ruled Unconstitutional

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AUSTIN, Texas – State District Judge John Dietz ruled today that the Texas school finance system is unconstitutional by ruling in favor of the Calhoun County ISD plaintiffs on both of their claims.  The Calhoun County ISD plaintiffs consist of a group of 89 school districts (many of them Texas School Coalition members) represented by Mark Trachtenberg and John Turner, attorneys with Haynes and Boone, LLP. Judge Dietz held that the school...

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Texas School Coalition lawsuit seeks funding for all schools

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Mark Trachtenberg and John Turner, attorneys with Haynes and Boone, LLP, represent 88 school districts in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state school finance system.  They issued the following statements today after the trial of the lawsuit began: “Today, in opening arguments, we were pleased to present our two primary claims to the court.  First, school districts lack the funding they need to meet the State’s own...

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Robin Hood to exceed $1 billion for tenth consecutive year

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Click to view full September 24 TXSC Press Release The Texas School Coalition (TXSC) submitted written testimony to a Joint Interim Committee that the Robin Hood system is expected to require districts to contribute more than $1 billion for the tenth year in a row, as the number of Robin Hood districts reaches a record high number. High Robin Hood growth was attributed to the fact that the threshold for determining whether school districts...

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