There are a lot of taxpayers throughout our state who are asked to pay more in school property taxes each year.  It makes sense that many of those taxpayers think that as they send their local school district more money, that their local schools in turn have more money to spend on students.  However, when […]

Texas House Public Education Committee Chairman Dan Huberty expressed his thoughts on the likelihood of legislation coming through his committee that would divert public resources away from public schools. In response to that, the Texas School Coalition released the following statement: The Texas School Coalition applauds Texas House Public Education Chairman Dan Huberty on his […]

The Promise of ASATR

Approximately 190 districts are expected to receive $230 million in Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (ASATR) funding in 2016-17.  After this school year, ASATR funding is set to expire.  That means some districts could potentially face a huge reduction in the funding needed to serve students. Click on the link below for more information […]

Resistance to Robin Hood has grown

The Texas Tribune highlighted the growing problem posed by the growth of recapture in their piece titled “Rich Schools Hope Houston Topples Robin Hood Plan.” While property-wealthy schools might argue with that headline and ask the question if you can be considered ‘rich’ if you are forced to give all your wealth away, the article […]

Texas Supreme Court says current school finance system meets constitutional standards

CCISD Plaintiffs Press Release in Response to Texas Supreme Court Ruling A dark day for Texas school children— TEXAS SUPREME COURT SAYS CURRENT SCHOOL FINANCE SYSTEM MEETS CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARDS AUSTIN – The Texas Supreme Court today upheld the constitutionality of the state’s school finance system, overruling a challenge brought by over 600 Texas school districts, […]

Judge Issues Findings in Texas School Finance Lawsuit

State District Judge John Dietz today issued a final judgment holding the state’s school finance system unconstitutional on several grounds, and an exhaustive set of findings of fact and conclusions of law articulating the rationale for his ruling.   All the school district plaintiff groups succeeded on their claims. Judge Dietz held that the Calhoun […]

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