The Texas School Coalition is an organization of public school districts, and we reflect the diversity that is Texas. We are large, small, and mid-size. We are urban, rural, and suburban. We are growing, declining, and stable in our enrollment. Our students and parents reflect the ethnic and economic diversity of all families in Texas. They have the same talents and dreams of all Texans. Additionally, we are committed to the success of public education for ALL students in Texas. In doing so, we will strive to find common ground with other education advocacy groups. 

The mission of the Texas School Coalition is to advocate for high standards of learning for every student in Texas; for a balanced partnership of local, state, and federal interests in public schools; for meaningful discretion of local boards over local funds for our public schools; and for investment in public schools as a foundation to our economic prosperity and preservation of our democracy.


Objectives for the 2013 Legislative Session

1. Secure adequate funding for public schools

  • Restore funding levels to at least 2010 levels.
  • Protect the promise of Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (ASATR) until another funding source is put in place to ensure that no school receives less revenue.
  • Reduce Robin Hood’s impact by increasing the State’s investment in education, thereby keeping local dollars in local communities.

2. Ensure the funding for public schools remains with public schools

  • Oppose vouchers or any measure that would divert money away from public schools.
  • Increase flexibility for innovation and choices within traditional school districts.

3. Provide local control for locally-collected revenue

  • Support measures that empower locally-elected school boards with authority over local tax rates and revenue for the purpose of enrichment.

4. Support public school accountability reform

  • Support a more balanced system that encompasses multiple assessments, reflects greater validity, uses more cost efficient sampling techniques and other external evaluation arrangements, and more accurately reflects what students know, appreciate and can do in terms of the rigorous standards essential to their success. (Resolution Concerning High Stakes, Standardized Testing of Texas Public School Students)
  • Provide resources necessary to achieve reasonable state standards and expectations for college and career readiness.


Long-term legislative goals:

  • Create a funding system for public schools that provides adequacy, capacity, and meaningful discretion.
  • Provide and protect the right of local boards to have meaningful discretion in their decisions and actions, including the retention of local funds that meet the needs in each district.
  • Secure a renewed commitment from the State to public schools.
  • Support an open, transparent legislative process in which school leaders can be engaged in the discussion and formulation of future policy decisions.

To download a PDF document stating these goals and objectives, please click here.